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Haverkate & Associates

Haverkate & Associates are specialists in mould detection and air quality assessment in the GTA and throughout southern Ontario. We encourage our clients and customers to understand the ins and outs of air quality assessment, so they can make informed decisions about their own air quality issues. After all, these are issues that affect us personally, our families and possibly our employees.

By now, you probably know that indoor mould can be tricky - it can grow behind walls; it can hide above ceilings; and it can spread under floors. Although mould is a natural fungus, it can have serious health effects on many people, especially when spores are inhaled. And depending on mould type, a variety of symptoms may arise: skin rashes; nosebleeds; itchy/watery eyes; breathing difficulties; even migraine headaches. Indeed, some mould types can be extremely toxic (for example: stachybotrys chartarum) and consequently require professional expertise to resolve.

For mould to thrive it needs moisture and a cellulose nutrient source – that's why drywall, carpeting, and household fabrics provide an ideal environment for growth. If you've had any kind of water leak or flood that wasn't properly cleaned up, you could have mould growth. If you've had hidden plumbing leaks, excess indoor condensation, or high levels of humidity, you could have mould growth. The problem is that mould isn't always visible or detectable - and therefore a visual inspection is not always reliable.

Besides being hidden from sight, mould doesn't always smell, and can often develop with no discernable scent or visible signs. That's why detection can be difficult and problematic, and why it's so important. At Haverkate & Associates, mould detection has become easier, faster and cheaper, thanks to our Certified Mould Detection Dog. Some years ago, we made headlines with Quincy, Canada's First Certified Mould Detection Dog, and today we're using Ranger, a 5 year-old Beagle mix.  Similar to bomb-detection or drug-detection dogs, Ranger is professionally trained to sniff mould - he makes a valuable contribution to our team.

Haverkate & Associates is different than most air quality companies in Canada. We don't just do basic inspection, detection and testing - and as a result, we don't end up with false positives or false negatives. We use the latest techniques, tools and technologies to evaluate moisture intrusion, air patterns and relative humidity - all necessary elements in a thorough evaluation. We check for dust loads; airborne spores; off gassing; and active mould growth. And with Ranger, we can pinpoint hidden mould in walls, floors and ceilings, all done in a non-destructive way.

We have the tools and expertise to do it right the first time - whether we use meter readings, thermal imaging, or lab testing. And compared with others, our investigations are precise, our procedures are less destructive, and our process is faster and more cost effective to the homeowner or property owner.

Haverkate & Associates also undertakes testing of illegal drug houses and marijuana grow-houses. These homes are full of environmental hazards from floor to ceiling, and should be tested before buying or selling, regardless of condition.