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We provide indoor environmental assessments in accordance with the requirements of mandatory assessment orders from city building departments, health departments, fire departments as well as Children Aid Societies throughout Ontario.  We have provided environmental assessments for the City of Toronto, City of Markham, City of Brampton, City of Hamilton and the City of Niagara Falls mandatory environmental assessment orders.  Many municipalities have begun ordering mandatory environmental assessments for buildings that have been used as Marijuana Grow Operations to determine the level of mould and chemical contamination and the threat to occupants.  Numerous insurance companies as well as lending institutions now require an environmental assessment of any building that may have mould growth as a result of having been a grow operation.

Marijuana Grow Houses can exist in rural and urban areas and can operate out of residential homes, apartments or industrial units.  There are an estimated 15,000 grow operation in Ontario alone.

Organized crime organizations favour renting or purchasing 2 storey homes of 3,000 to 4,000 sq.ft. and turning them into green houses for growing Marijuana.  These homes or industrial units are operated at a minimum of 27 degrees celsius with a sustained relative humidity of 80% or higher.  The end result is an excessive amount of mould growth often hidden inside wall or ceiling systems.

Extreme humid conditions cause extensive mould growth throughout these buildings.  Mould growth resulting from these conditions are considered extremely hazardous due to their toxigenic nature.   Species of mould growth found in these buildings in most cases posses mycotoxins which can be extremely hazardous and life threatening for anyone who enters these structures.  In many cases mould growth is growing inside wall cavities out of sight without any indication of a problem or any visible signs of moisture damage.

Walls appear to have no visible growth Insulation shows extensive mould growth

In many cases these homes pose a structural and mechanical hazards as well as a fire hazard due to the modifications made to sustain the illegal operation.  Many of these buildings pose a threat to life and safety to first responders like police, fire, ambulance, building inspectors, and utility personnel due to the presence of explosive and booby traps.

Once discovered and shut down by local authorities, these homes can continue to pose a health threat to new occupants if the mould growth and biohazard is not identified and remediated properly.

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Did You Know?
Police estimate that there are over 15,000 illegal Marijuana Grow Houses in Ontario.  This would mean that an average neighbourhood could have 1 to 2 grow ops every few blocks.

Mould Can Hide
Just because you can't smell it or see it...doesn't mean it's not there.