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Frank H. Haverkate BA, BBEI, CMI, CMR, CIHM

Director Mould and Biohazard Assessment

Frank Haverkate owns Toronto ís leading indoor environmental assessment firm, Haverkate & Associates Inc., which specializes in indoor air quality assessments and forensic mould investigations.  Mr. Haverkate has trained extensively in Europe , Canada and the United States and has over 9 years of experience in the indoor air quality field.  He specializes in mould growth assessments of residential homes, commercial as well as industrial buildings.  He has extensive experience in inspection, assessment and remediation of water damaged buildings.

Mr. Haverkate also has extensive experience in Marijuana Grow House and Clandestine Drug Lab investigations and possesses critical expertise in indoor environmental pollution and biohazard evaluation.

Mr. Haverkate pioneered the use of mould detections dogs in Canada , becoming a Certified K-9 Handler and owning Quincy , Canada ís first Certified Mould Detection Dog.  Quincy was trained in the U.S. at the Florida Canine Academy which specializes in the training of bomb, drug, arson and mould detection dogs. Mr. Haverkate is one of a few Certified Bau-biologie Environmental Inspectors in Canada .  He is the first and one of 2 Certified Microbial Investigators in Canada , issued by the American Indoor Air Quality Council.  Mr. Haverkate is one of 6 registered Certified Mould Remediators in Ontario , issued by the Indoor Air Quality Association.  He is also a Certified Industrial Hygiene Manager.  


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